How it works

Apply with your National ID within minutes and pay in installments up to 36 months

We offer inclusive financing programs for all Egyptians

how it works

Head to your favorite store within blnk's network

• Must be an Egyptian holding a valid National ID
• Must be between 21 to 62 Years old
• If you own a car or have a Sports Club membership, bring the valid car license and/or the valid Sports Club card

Get onboarded and activate your blnk account

• Ask the sales representative or cashier to onboard you with blnk
• Your phone number will be verified via OTP for your security

Verify your Identity

• A snap shot of your National ID (front and back) will be taken
• Get your photo taken while following the voice instructions from the App

Sign the I-Score Inquiry Form

• An auto-filled I-Score inquiry authorization form will be printed
• You will be asked to sign your full name into the allocated space

Receive an instant Decision!

• Get your approval on spot, no paper-work to sign and no commitment on your end until you transact
• Your approved credit limit is there when you need it

Shop Till you Drop & Checkout

• Once you are ready to make your purchase, the Merchant Sales or Cashier will print your relevant Loan Documents (Contract + Promissory Note)
• Sign both documents in the allocated space

Congratulations on your Purchase!

• You are now an Active blnk client
• You will receive an SMS with a link to download our Consumer App
• Use blnk mobile App to track your loan, get promotions, search our Merchant Network and much more


Drag the bar to determine the value of the item you want to pay in installments

1000 EGP

6 months

As low as

92.3egp / month

12 months

As low as

50.23egp / month

18 months

As low as

36egp / month

24 months

As low as

29egp / month

30 months

As low as

25egp / month

36 months

As low as

22egp / month


Appliance Maintenance Automotive
Appliances Automotive
Automotive Automotive
Automotive Services Automotive
Clubs Memberships Automotive
Educational Services Automotive
Electronics Automotive
Fashion Automotive
Food & Beverages Automotive
Healthcare Automotive
Home Automotive
Home Finishing & Fixtures Automotive
Hypermarkets Automotive
Kids Toys Automotive
Other Automotive
Pharmacies & Cosmetics Automotive
Renewable Energy Solutions Automotive
Sports Automotive
Travel and Tourism Automotive

Questions? We’re here to help

blnk is an in-store financing solution working with your favorite merchants to provide consumers affordable installment programs for your products or services. No need to step out of the branch, provide paperwork or wait for hours to get an approval; it is a digital process powered by world-class technology, it is done on spot, and you need nothing more than your National ID. Additional supportive documents may be needed, such as a Car license & Club Membership ID. Best of all, you incur no I-Score investigation fees and we provide easy partial/full instant refunds with no extra fees, as well as the relevant upfront fee. blnk is regulated by the Financial Regulatory Authority, Egypt. blnk is regulated by the Financial Regulatory Authority, Egypt.

There are many advantages to using blnk: As a consumer, you may now finance your purchases and keep the cash handy! Cash is king in today’s fast paced world full of surprises! Upgrade to the higher-end product or service you really wanted! Why settle for less when you can get what you really wanted? Your Credit Cards may have lower limits than that provided by blnk, save it for travel abroad or use the Credit Cards in areas or services where blnk is not yet available. Payments on Credit Cards change every month depending on your usage. With blnk, it is an equal monthly installment and on the same due date every month. Easy to remember and prepare for before-hand. Credit cards accumulate interest on interest, hence are much more expensive than what you may think. With blnk, interest accrues only on the principal portion, and we never calculate interest on interest. So long as you pay on time, you will never pay more than your installments' amounts. Regularly receive payment reminders and notifications through our App. No surprises! Get exclusive 0% interest offers on select products! Why use other providers, when blnk is available at the Point of Sale, hassle free!

Go to your favorite store in blnk’s merchant network, find the product you want to pay overtime, and head to the cashier. In as little as 3 minutes, the cashier will onboard you, provide you with your loan details, and help you checkout. After you walk away with your new purchase, you will receive an SMS with the blnk App download link. Sign-up using your credentials and create your account. Track all your installments from one place. Choose your preferred payment method. Receive personalized updates, notifications, reminders and the latest offers from our merchant network.

You must be 21-65 years to be able to use blnk’s installment plans.

The minimum documentation required is your National ID. Some additional documents, if provided, may support us in more accurately assessing your situation and providing you the right credit terms. Examples of those documents may be a Car License and/or a Sports-club membership card.

We partner with your favorite Merchants across Egypt. Since blnk is an in-store merchant service, you receive your 1st approval at the store of your choice. As soon as the credit limit is approved, you can visit any retailer within our merchant network and request our affordable installment solutions. All processes will be handled by the store sales/cashier & you will get a receipt with the transaction details. Just follow the simple steps they will guide you through.

blnk’s product is a hybrid solution. You receive your approval in the form of a maximum limit, like a credit card, but every purchase is installed as if it is a loan, calculated separately. If you have multiple purchases or loans, the installments for all loans are summed up and due on the same day of every month. You will, therefore, pay all the installments in the form of one bulk payment on the same date every month. No need to worry about making multiple different payments at separate dates or locations during the month or tracking every loan separately.

Financial inclusion is at the heart of blnk’s goal. Never had credit before? We can change that, together. We report your credit performance to the credit bureau (I-Score) and that opens a world of opportunity for you as you build performance history. We want to build your credit and be part of your financial journey, if you will allow us.

There are many ways to get your installment due date and installment's information in general: As part of your check out package, you will receive an invoice containing all details of your transaction, including the due date and the installment. You will receive a link by SMS to download our blnk App where you can monitor, set up automatic payments and review all your loan details. Due date and amount will be part of this information. You may set up notifications on our blnk App to receive payment due date reminders prior to the due date, ensuring no surprises. In some cases, you may also receive SMS notifications prior to your due date.

You can currently pay your monthly installments through more than 225,000 electronic payment outlets through Fawry, Aman & Masary in any outlet, pharmacy, supermarket, etc… or online through the blnk App using your credit card, debit card, or Meeza card. If you are paying through the consumer app, follow the below steps to make payments through any of the available channels: Log in to the blnk consumer application. Click “Make Payments”. Choose one of the available options and click proceed. The on-screen instructions will guide you through securely inputting the necessary information. Payment is remitted and an invoice/confirmation number is provided.

As long as you are making payments on time, we do not charge any interest or additional fees. If you miss an installment, you will be charged a late fee of 5% on the the sum of all missed installments every month (i.e. if an installment of L.E. 1000 is due on the 1st of June, you will be charged L.E. 50 if the installment is not paid before the 6th of June. If the installment is not yet paid by the 6th of July, you will be charged another L.E. 50, and so on). If you are past due on your loan, blnk reserves the right to freeze the usage of your remaining available limit until your payments have been made and your account has returned to adequate status.

You may not be able to use your Credit Limit via blnk if you: Have not downloaded and signed into the ‘blnk | shop now, pay later’ app. Have made a purchase with blnk and have not paid yet for your first installment. Once you have paid your first installment, you will be able to use the rest of your credit limit on other purchases. Are past due on your existing loans with blnk, your available limit may be frozen until your payments have been made and your account has returned to adequate status. Are trying to make a purchase for an amount that exceeds your available limit.

If the law allows you to return an item within a specific time window and your Merchant accepts the product return, we do as well and with no penalties!! With blnk, you can return purchases on the earlier of 30 days or before you pay your first installment. We realize your decision about a purchase may change, it is that simple!!!

Using our consumer app, which you can download at Apple and Google Play Stores, you can manage your loan/s, make payments, request payoff letters and much more. You may even review available promotions and check our Merchant network, including addresses and contact details of every Branch blnk is available.

Email us at OR You may reach blnk anytime between 9am – 1 am (Cairo, EG time) on 16266

Our utmost priority is to protect and secure your personal information and privacy. All data is securely stored on a highly secured data center. We may use the information you provide about yourself to qualify and provide you with our services, to respond to your inquiries about our Services, and to offer you other products, programs, or services that we believe may be of interest to you. We may use your information to complete transactions you request or to assist with a transaction. We may use your information to improve and personalize the Services and any related services, including future products and services. For example, we may use your information to pre-fill form fields on the sites for your convenience. Please read our privacy policy here for additional information.